7 ways to making your presentation 1000 times more interesting

People remember graphics 400% better than just plain text. Now, take a look at your own slide deck… How does it look like? Would you remember anything if someone presented that to you? 

Chances are 95% that you answered ‘no’. Don’t blame yourself, there’s a huge lack in the business world on how to create effective slide decks. We all see presentations with the same old, boring slide design that don’t tell us anything. Every one is doing this. That’s why it’s not weird that this is the standard nowadays.

There’s good news for you. It’s not hard to get rid of the ‘standard’ slide deck designs. With our 7 tips we will help you create a slide deck that makes you audience remember every. bit. you. said.

Let’s get started.

Live Poll

What if I told you that there’s a way to do a live-time poll in one of your slides? Amazing, isn’t it? This is a great way to grab your audience’s attention and keep it. There are multiple software options to go with. We will discuss our favorite one, Poll Everywhere.

The great thing is that Poll Everywhere is free for audiences up to 25 people. You can embed a graphic in your presentation. When you ask a question, people can vote through SMS, a custom weblink, or twitter. The results will appear live on the screen.

Take a look at the funny, yet informative Poll Everywhere video here. They explain exactly what it is and what it does:

No Bullet Points.

Using bullet points in a document is great. It makes it scannable. That’s something that many people undervalue. But… please don’t use it in your presentations. Using bullet points in your presentations means no visuals, only plain text.

A better way to do it is by using icons. I hear you think… where can I get those icons? Easy. There are a lot of free websites where you can download free icons. Our favorite website is flaticon.com.


Search for the object you’d like a icon of and simply download it. Make sure you download the .SVG format. You easily change this object and its color in PowerPoint.  To make it more interesting, you can put a circle around the icon. We created an example that you can easily recreate yourself:

Before After

Fading Text

To make sure that your audience focusses on the topic you’re currently talking about, make sure all other objects are faded. Check out our video to see how:

When you do this, first ungroup all elements. You can’t let a group fade away. You should set it per object.


Do you want all objects to be faded when starting the slide and highlight the specific object you’re talking about? That’s also possible. It just takes a few extra steps. We’ve made a video for that as well:

Find Your Inspiration

We all need some inspiration sometimes, even we do. To get some inspiration for your slide deck, you should take a look at slideshare.net

Slideshare is a website where people share their presentation slides. Some are very high quality, some aren’t.

But it’s worth checking out. But remember, authenticity is key. Never copy an exact slide design. Only use it for inspiration for your slide deck!

Get a Template

Sometimes it’s worth getting a paid template. A template is a set of slides with all kind of graphics,
charts and other common
slides that you can adjust based on your design guidelines. Getting a template
could save you a lot of time and money.

The cost of a paid template might vary from $5 up to around $50 or even more. A
template of around $20 will do just fine most of the time.

We don’t mean the standard templates in PowerPoint itself. Please don’t use those.

We are talking about other templates online. There are multiple websites where you can find free
or paid templates.
We listed a few of them:

Free templates:

Paid templates:

Add Emotion

People love a story. Your audience isn’t any different. One of the biggest aspects in storytelling is emotion. People can relate in almost every emotion, which is exactly what you want.

That’s why you have to make sure the appearance of your slide should match the emotion you want to express. This could be easier said than done, especially for corporate presentations.

Adding emotion in your slide deck could be done in many ways, for example by using colors, images, fonts and different font sizes.

Let’s take a slide that we designed as an example:

We used a Dutch slide we created for a reason. There’s no need to understand what it says in order to understand the emotion it’s expressing.

By using dark colors in the background and red, bold fonts we created a sense of warning and danger. This is exactly what our customer wanted his audience to feel.

Red is often related to danger. Other emotions are connected to other colors. For example: there’s a reason why healthcare professionals tend to wear a lot of baby blue. This makes people feel safe.

We’re excited to share this infographic with you to help you find your right colors for in the presentation.


Get A Free Slide Designed By Us

We hope these tips were very helpful for you. If you have any questions related to this article, feel free to contact us at any time.

Need help designing your slide deck? Sounds great, we’d love to help you out. What sets up apart from our competition is that we offer all customers a custom slide free of charge. This way you can see what we got and how we can help you.