The Problem

The idea was to brand TOM as a separate brand. There wasn’t a website for TOM yet or any brand guidelines.

The goal was to give the brand a ‘tech, yet playful’ vibe. We did this all based on their logo and their brand idea.

The Customer

TOM is a new project from the Dutch company Quality Mentor.

Quality Mentor is Netherland’s leading company when it comes to e-learning and microlearning.

With their services, companies learn to work with the complete Microsoft Office software.

This results in a smoother and faster working process throughout the entire company.

The Solution

Together with Quality Mentor, we created a new storyline for their presentation after which we designed the slides.

Since their logo is a robot, we decided to use the logo as the company’s mascot throughout the whole presentation.

This enhances storytelling and gives the brand a face, which makes it rememberable.

We chose a techy font for the headlines and a clear, easy to read Sans-Serif font for the body text.



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